Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thank you God for protecting my son!

It snowed yesterday...the most snow we have received in 3 years or so they are saying (and it was only about 6 inches, maybe). It was cold and windy and we decided to take the kids sledding. They have never been sledding "for real" so it was a first for both Caleb and Ellie. We drove over to Valley Forge Park and found a very popular hill. We went with friends and the first time down, their daughter hit a hidden dip and flew off her saucer sled. Sad, but not hurt very badly we decided to move away from the hidden dip to a less crowded part of the hill. We made several trips down the hill, parent with child, and had a really fun time. After about a half hour or so my son Caleb got up the nerve to ride down on his own. Adam was already at the bottom of the hill so it seemed like a fine idea. So off he went, down the hill, picking up speed, hit a bump that threw him off course, but still heading towards Dad. Adam seeing a very fast Caleb coming near him lunged toward him and was able to slow him down some. But alas, my son ran into a tree. I watched the whole thing unfold in slow motion from the top of the hill. Very scary to watch your son's head hit a tree. Memories flashed in my head of the last time we went sledding "for real" with my Dad who also ran into a tree with his head and had to be taken to the hospital. Before you start to worry, Caleb is fine. The impact caused him to bite his lip but that was probably his worst injury. He was wearing quite a few layers on his head so he didn't even get scraped up. This morning his cheek is a little swollen and his lip is fat, but he is fine. Boy it's hard to be a Mom. I let him go, he was out of control, out of my control. I couldn't stop him from running into the tree anymore than I could control the weather. It was so scary! In one instant, one choice, one ride down a sledding hill things could have been quite different. I can't stop thanking God for protecting my son. He ran into a tree with his head! And he walked away with a fat lip. God is good! I didn't want to let him out of my sight. I wanted to kiss him and hug him and not let him go. He is at school today, where he should be, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I secretly wanted to keep him home. But life goes on and he is fine. His lip will heal and his memory of his encounter with the tree will fade. Let this be a reminder that you cannot take one moment for granted. That each day is a gift from God. He gives and He takes away and I never, for one moment, want to live without being thankful for the important people that bless my life each day. And we'll go sledding again someday because even though I can't keep bad things from happening, life is about taking risks and trusting God. But maybe next time, I'll make him wear a helmet.

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Anonymous said...

This is the first of many times you will have to let your children go and put them in God's hands. You go through life wanting to protect and keep safe all who you love. You can try your best, but eventually they have to be allowed to "live" and experience life...and sledding alone. I remember the hardest times were giving up the car keys for the first time and praying for God to keep you and your brother safe. So many times I have thanked God for his protection and love. You are right, we must put our trust in God and never let a day go by without appreciating what He has given us and showing the love that we feel to those around us. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Thank you God for protecting Caleb.

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