Monday, March 12, 2012

I Am Free!


The wind between my toes, my hair dangling, tossing in the breeze. My little legs pumping back, then forth to pick up speed. There is nothing quite like a swing. Even now, as an adult, I seek out the giant swings at the amusement park. To feel the wind between my toes once again. To feel like I'm flying. To feel like I'm free.

Freedom usually comes with a price.

I have battled through the years, chains that bind. I have fought and struggled with the entwining chains of another. Like a knot in a necklace chain, love, for me, has meant helping untangle the mess.

For many of us, we don't even see the chains anymore. They have become our way of life.

The price of freedom is usually suffering and sacrifice. It's never easy to look at ourselves in the mirror and see who we really are. It takes work to break chains, to be free from the idols that enslave us.

I have a friend, named Frank, who is fasting. Through prayer and counsel decided to give up, for a time, an oppressing idol. To instead focus on areas that have been neglected because of this chain and experience a healthier balance. I deeply respect Frank's courage because this was not something that was easy for him to do. What resulted by my friend doing this was freedom. I have never seen such joy and abandon in Frank. Emptying himself, released him.

It's a common thought that if we give something up it will leave a void. That we will miss it and we may not be able to go on without it. But I have observed just the opposite. Giving something up that is right to give can be very filling. The reason we hold so tightly to things is because of fear. We white-knuckle grasp things, our spouse, our children, our idols, because we don't want to let them go. We don't know what will happen when we do. When we allow the bird out of the cage to fly, will it come back? This is the essence of trust. To let go and let God. I think we would all be surprised what God may have in store for us if we would just let go.

There are many definitions for freedom. Freedom is a state of being where we are no longer confined, controlled, or restrained. Freedom means being free from bondage.

What is keeping you from experiencing freedom? What are you afraid of?

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. JOHN 8:36

Multitude Monday:

I am thankful for...

--the freedom I have to be who I am (chains, baggage, and all)

--the freedom to do things I feel called to do without guilt

--the freedom to express my thoughts and share my heart with friends who do not judge

--the freedom and healing I have experienced by facing my issues face on

--the freedom from binding chains I have had the privilege and honor to witness in other's lives


Anonymous said...

Hi neighbor...this is an encouraging post...yes who the Son sets free is free indeed...oh how wonderful...

Unknown said...

So thankful for your comment! Hope you'll come by again!

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