Sunday, April 26, 2009


For all of you out there following this blog, this post is NOT by Christy.

You see I, her Husband and Biggest fan, have been plagued by the fact that she was able to share all of her feelings on me, yet I could not reciprocate. After a little questioning I found out how to do this Blog thing. SO, I am taking this moment to share just how great SHE is.

She is God's best and most perfect gift to me. She is funny and smart and has a way of caring for people that convicts me daily. She is my personal cheerleader. She has brought me to places I could never get to alone and has come with me to places I could never handle by myself.

As she said, I had a "light" go on in my life with, or should I say without, Christ about 4 years ago. More like a 2x4 to the head! It was way hard but God was and is with us on this journey we're on. We are finally united "together in truth" with Christ as the head. I lived my whole life thinking I knew what it was to be a "Christian" . But through our trials I have seen God shower me with grace through Christy's love for me. When I deserved none, Christy gave me more. When it got tough, she dug in her heels and stuck it out.

She is My love. She is my Truth speaker. She tells me what I need to hear even when it hurts because she loves me. She is radiant and she sets my heart ablaze. I love her more and more each day. She captivates me in her mothering. She blows my mind daily at her ability handle life so gracefully. When I am ready to throw the towel in she is there to remind me that HE is always with us.

For most guys it may seem hard to verbalize this kind of stuff. You know most men wanna be all macho about being a "man". But the cold hard truth is that I was a self-centered, coward and jerk. I thought real men did what they want or were called "whipped". Now I realize that real men Love their wife sacrificially and put their wife's needs BEFORE their own. I am not saying i do it all the time but at least I know that I should be.

God sent the love of my life in Christy. I have known her for almost 27 years, been a couple for 15 years, 10 of which we've been married for. With all of the trials we have endured together and seperately, I would not change one moment for it has always been part of God's plan. I would never be the man I am now or the man Christy makes me want to be without all of it. She is one of the strongest women I know. She has endured many hurts but realized God's hand cradling her in each of them. Her faith has bolstered mine. She encourages me like no one and I mean no one ever has in my entire life. When I am uneasy she reminds me what God has brought us through. When I fail she reminds me that we all stumble.

She is just a great woman, wife, mother and friend. I am constantly confused by God's plan to bless us with the trials we both had to endure to bring us to the place we are. We have a marriage most only dream about. It is full of bad days, whining kids, poor attitudes and unmet expectations. But in the end it is centered on CHRIST the only way, the absolute truth and the everlasting life. Without His Love it would be nothing.

Christy I love you. Forever and always, beyond my dying breath.



Amanda said...

What amazingly beautiful and humble words. Love grows only through true appreciation and admiration. And you have both in spades...

Amy Isdaner Pali said...

Adam - that may be the most amazing thing I've ever read!! You're right, it is hard for most men to articulate their feelings, but wow! That was just beautiful! Hugs to the whole family, xoxo.

Denise said...

Wow...crazy thinking that is the Adam I rode the bus with every morning! :-) Sounds like you found wonderful partners in each other.

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