Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Name that Blog

So I changed the name of my blog from a very uncreative "Christy's Blog" to "A Heartening Life". It's really hard to come up with a good name for a blog. I ran the gamet of name choices and came up with this one. Do you like it? There was something about the word "hearten" that I liked. Maybe it's because the only time we really use it is to say that we are "disheartened". But I am feeling rather heartened these days and my hope for the blog is that people that read it will feel heartened, as well. Since my favorite bible verse has become Romans 8:28, my hope is that the life I live, the trials I've persevered, will encourage others to keep on keeping on. But do not be mistaken...I was living a disheartening life and God turned it around. Praise God!


Amanda said...

I love it! And, I agree, we need to use the word "hearten" more often.

Unknown said...

It's an intriguing title...makes me want to keep on reading. And I love the verse which inspired it!!! Great creative move.

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