Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 12, 2009

So a couple of Fridays ago Adam and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Trying to figure out how to celebrate the day without spending a lot of money, I decided I would plan something. I wrote up clues and Adam & I went on a memory scavenger hunt. We drove to 4 places that meant something to us; our high school, the Morris Arboretum (sight of our reception), St. Matthew's Episcopal Church (where we had our wedding ceremony), and our house in Plymouth Meeting. Once home we ate a yummy meal, reminicent of our wedding "feast"; lobster ravioli, brushetta, and salad. It was a nice evening (even though our car started acting up along the way -- it figures).

An aside...We heard a John Piper Sermon called Sustained by Sovereign Grace: How to Endure to the End and I was convicted. We are a generation that does not endure. Our hearts wander, we give up when it gets hard. We struggle to endure hardships. It's too easy to give up and walk away. So part of the marriage commitment is a covenant, a promise, to endure all things with your partner. And although sometimes it's easier to give up than endure, God's sovereign grace will sustain us. His grace is not a promise for perpetual bliss without trouble or pain, but a promise that God won't give us anything that he won't enable us to endure (1 Corinthians 10).

I love you, Adam!


Unknown said...

Happy, Happy, Anniversary! Thanks for staying committed. You guys are a blessing to us all.

Jenn Walsh said...

How romantic! Hope the next ten are full of wonderful surprises!

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