Wednesday, December 2, 2009


On the Friday after Thanksgiving, aka "Black Friday", Adam & I attended our 15 Year High School Reunion. The last reunion we attended was about 10 years ago, 5 years after high school. To say that we weren't nervous about going would be an understatement. We almost chickened out 15 minutes before we had to be there. I've gained weight, Adam's lost hair, but more things have changed over the last 15 years then just our physical appearance. As we began justifying why we shouldn't go...we had a babysitter and it would be more fun to just have a date night together...we realized that as much as we have changed inside & out, so had our other classmates. With that, we went to the reunion with an open mind and confidence in who we are today.

The reunion was sometimes awkward, mostly fun, and very interesting catching up with old friends and classmates. We are all older, and hopefully more mature. We have husbands & wives, children, and careers. And I believe that God's plan for Adam & I included going to this high school and being friends with these people. That for 12 years (some more, some less) we were connected. We walked the same halls, had the same teachers, and participated in sports, choir, theater, and other extracurriculars together. Time and life has changed us, but it was sure fun to see that they are still out there, living life, and doing well.

If we seemed different, it was because we are. But life is good, God is faithful, and we'll see you again, God willing, in another 5 years!

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