Monday, October 24, 2011

My Newly Medicated ADHD Honey

The past month has been one thing after another. October is soccer season and both kids are playing. It's been fun to watch them both develop their "soccer skills" since last year. They seem to be having a great time! It must be the time of year, but I remember last year around this time wondering where all my time was going. I guess we are still adjusting to being back in school and with that, all of their extracurricular activities. It's all good. Atleast life isn't boring!

I wanted to write an update since my last ADHD post back in September. Adam had his appointment at the doctor to evaluate him for possible medication. Since the beginning of October he has been taking 20 mg of Vyvanse. Initially it was hard to decipher how exactly the medicine was effecting him. There seemed to be a little bit of a placebo effect where you think you see a difference but then maybe you just think you are seeing a difference.

This is his third week on the medicine and I think we are both cautiously optimistic about it. There have been definite circumstance where he has felt better focus and clarity in his thoughts. We just attended a wedding this past weekend. Trying to have a conversation with someone in a room full of conversations was always VERY difficult and overwhelming for him. He would sometimes sort of withdraw because his brain was so overwhelmed. It was exhausting! But on Saturday at the wedding, he noticed a marked difference in being able to concentrate. We'll take those small victories!

I feel like over time, we will have a better sense of the medicine's impact. His body is still getting used to it and he is trying to decide the best time to take a 9+ hour extended release pill. Especially since he needs better focus once he gets home in the late afternoon/evening. He goes back to the doctor for review beginning of November. Meanwhile, he continues to evaluate things with a counselor on a regular basis.

We thank you for your prayers as we continue to figure out what is best for him!

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