Friday, May 11, 2012

Me Soup

My 5 minute writing on: Identity

There are endless possibilities for soup. The end concoction is as unique as the ingredients you put in it.

Boil us down (pun intended) and people all begin with basically the same base. But I am "Me Soup" and there is no one out there that is just like me. Sprinkle in some personality, characteristics, people influences, culture, natural talents, and my faith in Jesus Christ and I am one unique amalgam.

Some days I am content being me. Other times I get caught up in my own reflection, wishing I was more or less then who I am.

The important thing about "Me Soup" is you have to taste to really understand me. I am a complex mix of flavors. I may look, even smell, like Broccoli Cheddar, but don't be fooled. Every bowl is unequalled, perchance better, in its own special way.

Perhaps the best part about "Me Soup" is I'm never done. Every moment, day, month, year spices or ingredients are added. I may not always like what's thrown in there. Some of the ingredients might downright stink. One year someone threw in a mushroom. I'm not fond of mushrooms, but it's okay. It's part Me and (I hope) I get better as I simmer.

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seamless said...

What a wonderful analogy! "Me Soup" it. So nice to meet you.

Ellen Stumbo said...

What a great analogy! yes, we are all different, unique, and with our own "flavor." I am visiting from 5 minute friday :)

Stacie said...

Yep, I like the analogy too. Especially as I am learning that the greatest cooks do so by heart rather than by recipe, I think maybe that is true of the best individuals as well.

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