Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"All Boy" — I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

My friend's two year-old, Luke, enjoys "roaring" at people for fun. He's definitely been entertaining us at the softball field this year. Followed him around one evening capturing the "many faces of Luke", but this one stood out to me as "All Boy". What do you think?

This photo was submitted to the I Heart Faces photo challenge – www.iheartfaces.com

Photo Challenge Submission


Anna Mesen said...

I love it! My cousin's little boy loves to roar as well!

Ang Campbell said...

Hehehe! Such a fun boy behavior caught in the photo :) Great work.

DeeMomof6 said...

Yep All Boy LOL! What a Fun Photo! Reminds of all the times I listened to my boys roar.

Andrea Bernard said...

Captures the exuberant energy boys have so well :) .

Sharon Graham said...

Yep... Looks all boy for sure. Nice capture.

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