Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet Release

My "Five Minute Friday" on: Grasp

One summer day I watched my young son and his cousins try to catch it. Nets flying through air as feet ran and leapt in tall grasses.

Persistently they watched and waited for the flutter. Armed and ready to pounce when it came within reach.

Many swats came up empty. The illusive cabbage butterfly refusing captivity, outflying the butterfly nets that threatened to hold him.

Laughter erupted and shouts confirmed they had caught one at last. Triumph! Frantically the white butterfly flitted inside the net not understanding what kept him from flight; what changed his direction.

Control. The boys could decide butterfly's fate.

With ease the net was lifted and their prisoner was free. Free to fly. Free to land. Free to get caught in their net again.

If we hold too tightly, if we refuse to let go, whatever we hold like the trapped butterfly will not survive. If we do not freely release the reigns, our captive cannot live the life he was intended to live.

With a white-knuckle grasp we try to control this unruly life, all the while deceiving ourselves.

We are not the ones in control, even when we think we're the ones holding the net.

What do you need to let go of?

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Lisa said...

This is BEAUTIFUL...what a lovely job of painting such a simple picture in such a profound way...

I was feeling the same way when I read the word "grasp" that in our lives we grasp so often, but need to let go...LOVE the way you portray that...

(visiting from 5 Minute Fridays!!!)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your kind encouragement! I'm thankful you both came by and visited today!

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