Monday, December 3, 2012

A Time For Giving (enter to win my blog give away)

I don't know much about quicksand or whether it's true that the more you wriggle around the quicker you sink. But some days, some months I feel like I've fallen into it.

I have been flailing around here for about two months — grabbing, grasping, pulling onto anything I can think of that will get me out of it.

The only thing I haven't tried is — to stop trying.

I am starting to think that is the answer. Being still. Opening my hand to let all I'm holding onto fall where it may.

In my darkest hours this month, He has come through. And in nearly all cases, it has been through the generosity of someone else.

Standing in this desperate, unknown, sinking into the quicksand place, overwhelmed by the kindness of others, I come to you with an offer. I want to give something away simply because I can. Can you help me?

If you know of a deserving person or family, I would like to give them the gift of a free photography session. (Please see "give away" rules below.)

Your nominations could include a military family, someone with cancer or a terminal illness, a family who has experienced a great loss this year, someone who gives to others but rarely to themselves, a family who cannot afford family portraits, a foster care or adoptive family, etc.

I'm casting a net. I know there are people in need, people who give and rarely receive, out there.

Will you help me find them?

In gratitude,


You must write your name and your nomination's name in the comment section of this post and if you would like, include why you are nominating them. (You cannot nominate yourself.)

You must email your nominations to me. Write in the subject line: blog give away! Also include, your name, phone number, and email address, along with who you are nominating and a brief description of why they are deserving.

Nominees must reside or be able to travel to the suburban Philadelphia, PA area for the photography session (in other words, they need to be somewhat local). The session will be shot outside at my discretion (alternatives may be discussed) and will include members of one immediate family.

Photography session will include, at minimum, a free hour-long photography session and a disc with 20-25 edited photos, as well as, a free 5x7 of their favorite photo.

Session is valid and can be redeemed in 2013.

The winner will be chosen on Friday, December 23rd.

Rules are subject to change.

I am not a professional photographer, nor do I own a business. I do, however, take portraits based on word of mouth recommendations.  Click here if you would like to see some of my work.

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Unknown said...

Brittany Graham has been nominated. :)

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