Friday, November 1, 2013

Grace (a five minute friday)

My Five Minute Friday on: Grace


It's just a word, until you need it.

I have wrestled with it. Tried to wrap my human brain around it like it's something that could be understood with common sense.

But it's anything but common. And it doesn't often make sense.

Grace is like magic — it cannot be explained. Not with words, anyway.

Because who can explain something underserved?

This life I live peppered with you-owe-me's and fairness and eye-for-an-eye's — where does grace fit in there?

It finds me when I'm at my absolute worst. When my words are atrocious and my patience has unraveled. When I can't stand people. When I can't stand myself.

It finds me when I call a friend to complain about something they did and I wind up crying like a blubbering fool because really my feelings were hurt and I didn't know what to do with myself. And they didn't defend and they didn't walk away. They just listened.

Grace is a gift given without strings. It's wrapped in forgiveness packaging and tied with a bow of compassion.

An unearned reprieve that cannot be justified.


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Kate Hall said...

'who can explain something undeserved?' - i think thats a wonderful element of Grace, and a gift that you see it that way. here's to keeping our fingers crossed for Grace!!

~Maxine~ said...

Your post on Grace was a good one for me to read after writing mine. I hope you take a look at what I have written and know that it was written for all those times when we need it most. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Grace. I'm glad I read it.

Tanya Dennis said...

Solid post. Thank you.

Beth said...

I love that today's word was grace. While I didn't write for FMF I did recently write about His great grace. I've been so overwhlemed by it lately. It is a gift given without strings and we are so undeserving but He gives it anyways. Great post Christy! I'm so glad I stopped in. You shared so beautifully. Wishing you a blesseday Friday and weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love that grace finds us at our absolute worst. When we need it the very most.

dayebydaye said...

Great post, Christy!
I love how you said that grace was hard to define, but then used specific instances to describe it. You are so right! We can't wrap our minds around it, but we can feel it and what an incredible blessing it is.
Love to you!

Unknown said...

Love this!! So beautifully put!!

Unknown said...

Hi Christy
Oh yes, grace is alive, moving, flowing, giving and cannot be contained by mere words! It is like you said; sort of Heaven's magic!
Blessings XX

Karen said...

LOVE THIS.. I love what you quoted here

"Grace is like magic — it cannot be explained. Not with words, anyway"

grace is one of those things that you can't see, but you just know it when it hits you in the lowest moments.. those moments when you know God was there for you but you can't explain it.

Thank you for this post on grace

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