Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Favorite Quotes from BATHSHEBA...

Favorite quotes from the book "Bathsheba" by Francine Rivers...

"Maybe it's only those who've made such chaos of their lives who can understand the heights and depths of God's mercy." (p147)

"When fear threatened to overwhelm her, she set her mind upon the Lord, comforting herself with thoughts of what God had already done for her." (p120)

"She learned not to expect perfect love from David...she turned to God for healing and comfort. And the Lord was always there. For His love was perfect." (p121)

"God loves you because you repented every time you realized you'd sinned. You grieved. You tried to do right. God knows you are only a man..." (p152)

"'I will trust in You, oh, Lord. I will trust in You. Do with me as You will.'" (p141)

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