Saturday, February 20, 2010

Privacy PLEASE!!

So this morning I walked into the bathroom, shut the door, and sat down to do "my business" and in barges my daughter with something VERY important to tell me. So important I don't even remember what it was. She's there, chatting away with me, asking me for something, gives me a hug, and the whole time I'm thinking, didn't I shut the door? It's not like this doesn't happen to me EVERY DAY! It's either one or both of my children, sometimes my husband (although he's often the one chasing the kids out for me). Certainly if you are a Mom you can sympathize. It's like a Mom phenomenon...we just cannot go to the bathroom alone.

Does this lack of boundaries mean something? In some ways I'm horrified (privacy people, privacy). But on the other hand, is it at all surprising? Why do kids open the door and walk right in, not thinking AT ALL that this is NOT RIGHT? In some ways, it's a compliment (I know I'm stretching it here). Kids think of their Moms as easily accessible and always "on duty" (excuse the pun). The beautiful relationship between mother and child means that you are always there, even when you're trying to do "your business".

Let's face it, this phenomenon only lasts from birth until???? My son is 7 and I have to constantly remind him of my need for privacy. We need appropriate boundaries, kids need to understand what privacy is. There comes an age when it's just NOT OKAY. Could I just go to the bathroom without my whole family needing something from me at that very moment? I have been told "No"...not for many, many years. Well, a girl can hope.

So for all those Moms out there who wonder if they will ever get the privacy they deserve...atleast your kids know the door is always open and they need only knock (if you're lucky) to come in. Just another reason why Moms ROCK!

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The Jones' said...

hey Christy! I thought I posted a comment on here last week- but it's not here. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes, Rob is the gardener :-)

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