Friday, March 4, 2011

The Gift of Try

--a poem dedicated to my husband, Adam

You can't promise you will,
but you can promise to try.
This gift of try that you give to me,
displayed by your passionate heart and faithful efforts.
To be who you are and more.
That even when you feel like less,
you want more.

The gift of try births hope.
This hope abounding and
bringing my expectations back to earth.
What you think you want
is the assurance of "I will".
Perfection unattainable
we can only hope for
a commitment to try.
That's all we really want anyway.

Thank you for the "try"
God has planted within you.
Your motivation to step out on the ledge
and the faith you have
to believe God will catch you,
lead you,
strengthen you,
encourage you,
to try your best for us.
That's enough for me.

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