Monday, April 25, 2011

April Was A Blur

It's true. I have been a stranger. For some reason April does that to me. Baseball season has started, birthdays, Easter, a long weekend getaway to the mountains and April has zipped by without a passing glance. Maybe I have a case of writer's block, but although my desire to write is strong, I can't seem to get my thoughts organized enough to write something down. Whatever the case, I'm finding that writing takes time and I have been short on that lately.

So Caleb is doing his baseball thing. He had his first game last Friday night (under the lights -- which is apparently a big deal). His team barely won and he executed a play from right field. Go, Caleb! He had his first experience at the plate with a kid pitching. That did not go so well, but he's learning. And Adam had his first taste of coaching. One of the kids called him "coach" and he got a good chuckle about that. Who would have thought Adam would be called coach? I think it's great, actually.

Right before Easter we got away on a long weekend trip to the Poconos. A free stay in someone's lakehouse was just what we needed. Although the weather was kind of funky (apparently it often is in the mountains) we still made the best of it. It's just the best of both worlds up there, being near the water (at Fairview Lake) and hiking in the mountains with the beautiful forests. It was lots of fun!

Yesterday was Easter, a day of celebration and remembrance for all that God has done. I would like to share this song with you. My loving husband took me to a concert for my birthday in early April and we got to see Matt Maher in concert (with Audrey Assad and Jars of Clay). He sang this song and it really struck a chord with me. That no matter what has happened in our life. For all the times when we wonder if God is there and why he lets things happen. When we feel alone in our doubts, fears, and shame, the simple truth in this song is a good reminder that He has always been and always will be there for you. That is why Jesus came. That is why He died on the cross. It was all for us!

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