Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring's New Birth

Spring has sprung like a second chance. The barrenness of winter taken over by blossoms and flowers and green grass. The end of each season making me appreciate the next. I kept watch for the day when small, simple buds burst into lush green leaves. Oh, what a welcome sight! Trading knit hats and sweaters for shorts and flip-flops. The daylight lingers on into evening now and the fresh scent of spring air infests our house and our noses. One deep breath of it can carry my cares away, atleast for a moment.

As I walk through Spring I am reminded that we all have a story. There is always something more behind the masks we wear. Spring bursts forth in a beautiful display of colors, but do we forget the cold wind that chilled us only weeks ago? That there are hurting people hiding behind a smile and an office desk.

Love melts away walls. Love lets people know that they aren't alone. Love shows them there is hope.

So thankful today for friends; my many deep, true, lasting friendships, as well as the new relationships that are taking root and growing this school year!

"His great love is new every morning. Lord, how faithful you are!" LAMENTATIONS 3:23


Unknown said...

Great post. I'm thankful for you too.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Carolyn! :)

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