Monday, February 27, 2012

Stop the Infernal Squeaking!

It can really be a little thing that makes all the difference!

For the past few weeks (or more) our caravan has been making a wretched noise, in the morning when it's cold, when I turn the wheel...squeak, squeak, squeaking all the day long. I know that noise was grating on me because it meant something needed to be fixed. I had hoped with the purchase of the van last February we would have ensured a repair-less year (we haven't had one of those in awhile). Needless to say, the noise was getting on my nerves and I was putting off the inevitable.

Yesterday, as we pulled into our parking lot at church, my husband made an exaggerated turn of the wheel and brought my attention to the fact that it was no longer making that horrid noise. A miracle! Well, not exactly. Apparently the van was sorely lacking power steering fluid and since my husband had filled it up the noise had stopped.

I hadn't asked him to do anything about the sound, other then remarking at how annoying it was. I figured we would have it fixed when we take it for inspection in March so I didn't press.

Today as I drove my son to school and myself to errands I found myself smiling. Not because I had just won the lottery, but because my van was no longer squeaking. Oh, my goodness it certainly is a little thing that made a big difference to me.

I know the secret to a wife's contentment! Know her heart. Anticipate her needs. Love her without promptings.

I know the secret to a husband's contentment! When you notice the "little things" your husband does for you, particularly without asking, when your heart is full because of something he did or something he does, then TELL HIM! Encourage him with words of affirmation that his actions brought you joy. Not because he needs to hear how great he is, but because you are thankful and it is loving to share that with him.

Last Tuesday, as I was driving home from helping in my son's classroom, I was overwhelmed with contentment. I felt so thankful that I could spend that hour with the kids. I drove home to work on editing a video project. I contemplated my week ahead and the "freedom" I have as a stay-at-home Mom and again, a wave of contentment. I called my husband and I thanked him. Thanked him that because he gets up early, works hard as a remodeler, sacrifices time and energy to provide for our family's needs, I can be at home for my kids, I can volunteer in the classroom, I can take photographs of families, I can edit video projects that inspire me, I can have this beautiful life that I have and not feel guilty about it. That he supports what I do and encourages me to do what I love.

I am thankful today...

--That my husband fixed that squeaky noise on the caravan without me asking, nagging, or prompting.

--That 3 of the 4 holes in my ceiling (remnants from doing our roof at Thanksgiving time) are now filled up.

--For the freedom to be a stay-at-home Mom and the opportunity to do things that I love because of my husband's sacrifice and support.

--For the cheerful yellow of a daffodil bloom in my front yard in February.

--For Christa Wells, Audrey Assad, Jason Gray, and Kari Jobe who's worshipful music stirs my heart and reminds me of His truth!

--For a healthy weekend, a reprieve from the stomach bug and winter colds.

--For close friends that share life and are willing to be vulnerable.

--For blessings that come from obediently following God's leadings and the strength to do the hard thing.



Stacey said...

What a lovely list!

So glad you are all healthy!

Stopping by from Ann's!

a.willard said...

Your words are so very true my dear. The things you said that day validated so much for me as a husband. Am i doing what I a supposed for a job, does she know I'd do anything for her, does she understand the depth of my love for her, can she see just how much I value her words?

Your words impacted me to the point of sharing with other men what you had said, not because of how it reflected on me, but because it meant so much. One of the men recounted a similar situation that happened many years ago with him and his wife. Both our eyes were tearing up at the end of his sharing. It was a moment he has not forgotten.

The strength of a wife's encouraging words are as powerful as the harm their discouraging words can cause.

Thank you so very much for sharing your heart with me and letting me have the "safe" place to share mine with you.

All my love,

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