Friday, November 30, 2012

Slow Down and Smell the Wonder

My Five Minute Friday on: Wonder

A little girl full of anticipation, skipping steps on her way. It is Christmas morning, the culmination of the Advent season. This is the day she has been waiting for.

The star sits atop a tinsel strewn tree. Memories hang from the evergreen branches, like the ornament marking the day she was born.

Her eager eyes take in the gifts, wrapped in colorful greens and reds, and out of the corner of her eye she spies full stockings hanging on the mantel.

The mystery of the gifts is revealed with each rip and tear of holiday paper. And all the excitement of the last four weeks dissolves.

That girl is now a woman. A Mom. And although the people have changed, the scene above repeats itself every year, bar one thing.

The little one could not wait until "the Day". It used to be all about the presents. But the woman has learned a few things over the years.

The woman is me.

When I rifle through the memory files of Christmases past, it's not the presents received that I remember, but the time spent in preparation and anticipation with family and friends.

May we "slow down and smell" the wonder of this glorious season and remember why it's more then just a special day.

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Jess said...

What a great piece of writing!

I love the line, "Memories hang from the evergreen branches.."

And I love how this "little girl" became you as a woman and you depicted that change.

I'm visiting via 5MF today. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment, Jess! I appreciate your kind encouragement!

Unknown said...

I really like your writing style and your transition to it being your own story.

I love the anticipation and preparation of Christmas too! Happy Friday, Christy.

Unknown said...

I remember growing up with the tinsel on the tree.. why don't I mess with that??? I think I might add that to my tree this year!

Loved your words and trip down memory lane!

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