Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hiding What's Broken - Guest Post for (in)courage

I watched intently as my sweet pink princess of a daughter played. She was a busy five year-old, spunky and imaginative and always on the move.

She plodded slowly towards me, doll hanging by her side. In her eyes I could see frustration and a touch of sad.

“My doll won’t stand up!”

I took up the porcelain doll and examined her carefully.

“I don’t want her anymore,” she said.

Beneath her doll’s purple satin and lace dress was a piece of metal where a leg used to be. Collateral damage from a little girl adventure, perhaps.

“I don’t want her because she’s broken.”

Will you join me here at (in)courage to read the rest?


Dana Butler said...

I enjoyed this post, Christy! Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Popped over from incourage. :) Bless you!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Dana! I hope you'll visit again!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from the (in)couraging writers group ... I remember reading this when it was originally written, and thinking then and now what a powerful message it is. Thank you for the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Linking up from (in)courage group - thanks for sharing your heart and letting us see the holes - I can see the light of Jesus shining right through the brokenness. Amen!

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