Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When I Can't See, I Know YOU Can!

Sweet face smiling, big blue eyes, two little teeth sticking up from the bottom -- a lovely chance to meet my good friends' precious baby boy for the first time. He is such a happy, easy going baby and when he smiles, it's pure joy!

I've known this friend for many years and I have had the great blessing of staying connected with her no matter where the road has taken her. She and her husband have done their fair share of traveling over the years, living in many different states all across the United States. Settled now for several years in Minnesota, they now have this beautiful (or should I say handsome) addition.

For all of the years I have known her and her husband they appear to be just like any other normal couple. They love each other and the Lord and devoted many years to sharing their love of Christ by working with a music ministry. And they are like any other normal couple, but with one unique twist...her husband, Dan, has Retinitis Pigmentosa. RP is a degenerative, inherited eye condition which affects the retina, resulting in progressive vision loss. Vision deteriorates slowly over time, usually over years. The outer edges of the field of vision gradually disappear leaving "tunnel vision". Over the past several years his vision has been declining dramatically. There is no cure for RP.

Having just had the chance to spend a short 2 days with them I am overwhelmed at all they have to deal with. And I want to express to them how remarkable and inspirational they are because I know sometimes it doesn't feel that way to them. They live with the stresses of RP every day. It may complicate things, but they have done amazing things to make it work. And right now they are at a crossroads. They are trying to make some big decisions and along the way struggling with the reality of this disease. They need support. They need resources.

I am certain that God has a plan for their lives. I am certain that God is going to use Emma and Dan in a special way because of RP. I know there are other people out there living with RP or loving someone with RP and their story is going to inspire others.

It's just so complicated. This world is not set up to support someone with sight problems. But when it feels like there are a lot of "cannot's"; can't drive, can't see details, can't navigate in low light, can't perform every day activities without support --- I know God can see all the "can's".

God, please open doors for Emma & Dan. Lead and guide them to opportunities that will give them both purpose and direction. Make clear the way they should go. Protect them from the voices of uncertainty and hopelessness. I pray that they will trust You, Lord --- that you have a plan and will use them for your glory. I pray they will surrender and be open to whatever that is.

Consider checking out Emma's Facebook Group called "Wives of Husbands with RP".

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