Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lessons From a Thistle (#TellHisStory)

The sun had just dropped behind the trees promising a colorful display before it set for the night. The orange light peeked and danced behind the leaves as if inviting me to join in.

I grabbed my camera from the table and walked into the calm, grayness of dusk — a favorite time of mine. I studied the sunflowers, how they reached towards the clouds and I spied on the bumblebees as they gathered pollen side by side.

Photography by Christy Mae, 2013
But the colorful sky continued to beckon, so I slowly walked through the cut grass towards the woods. It was quiet except for the cricket chorus starting its nightly serenade and I breathed in the sweet summer air.

The grasses grew tall in the field and a few cabbage moths flitted around. My eyes tracked one to a thistle growing in the middle of the field and soon my feet followed.

Photography by Christy Mae, 2013
An uninviting, thorny plant if not for the soft, purple tuft of flower growing from its prickly bulb. A nuisance to many, God filled the land with "thorns and thistles" as Adam's punishment (Genesis 3:17-18), but in that moment, it was home.

I noticed a bumblebee sitting on the purple flowerhead and snapped a few pictures. The bee was still, except for the slight rise and fall of his furry body. He was asleep and so were several other bees who found safety and comfort on the top of a thistle plant.

Photography by Christy Mae, 2013
The bees found the most unfriendly plant in the field and made it their resting place. I think there might be a lesson found among the bees and thistles, so I ask.

Maybe it's that God provides, but I think there's more.

Would I listen if God told me to sleep on top of a thistle surrounded by thorns and prickles?

Would I take the provision, even if it didn't look the way I wanted or expected? If to me it didn't appear safe or appealing?

Do I trust that He knows what's best for me?

That night I climb into my bed and pull the covers up under my chin and I imagine it's like the thistle. The world outside is like the thorns, but God has provided me a safe place to rest. It's all I need for that moment and it's certainly more than enough.

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Dolly@Soulstops said...

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your URL so I could visit and read your lovely truth filled words...yes, it is that trusting in His heart...I keep praying and asking God to help me to trust Him fully...blessings :)

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