Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cautious Woman Learns To Take Risks And Lives To Tell About It

My husband is a risk taker. I blame it on impulsivity and his ADHD. But for a cautious, introvert like me, taking risks is something I have avoided like the plague.

But not anymore.

I could expound on the various reasons why taking risks is a bad idea. Justify them even. Anyone who thinks things through (or over thinks them, like me) can argue against risk.

Add to it an unhealthy dose of insecurity, shame, or esteem issues and there is no way I'm putting myself out there to risk rejection.

But I have learned it's more than just being practical. It's really about fear. And staying buffered by safe people and routines seems so much more appealing, doable.

There was definitely a point in my life where I decided if I wanted something I was not going to allow my fear to keep me from it. Maybe that's why people misunderstand me, think I'm more confident then I am.

Some blog friends of mine have been linking up on Thursdays to share ways they are #RiskingRejection. And at first, I thought I had to think of something epic, something really, really risky so I could participate.

But really, every day I pursue dreams and try something new or say yes to something hard or write vulnerably on my blog I'm risking. They might not always feel significant enough to me, but I know I'm living and participating and putting myself out there and that is personally big!

Sprinkled in with all the "smaller, yet still significant" risks I returned to a theater stage last March, after 20+ years away, as "Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn" in a high school alumni production of The Music Man.

And this past October, I applied for (gasp) and got (double gasp) a job as a Virtual Assistant for a Christian Author whose work and character I highly respect and admire. Pinch me because I cannot believe that I get to be part of her ministry!

This I know, God wants to bless me and give me good things (James 1:17). But if I'm not willing to step out in faith (even if they're calculated risks) then I will miss out.

I don't want to miss out and I don't think you do either.

So whether it seems like a baby step or a giant leap, even cautious women can learn to take risks and live to tell about it.

Join me?

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Unknown said...

I stepped onto the stage for the first time since high school 11 years ago and ended up running the community theater a short time later. So--be careful! So glad you're getting out there and not letting fear stop you.

Julie said...

This is great, Christy! I'm going to email you with a question about something related to this post. Great to meet you through risk rejection!

Jen said...

Oh ya...fear is always the enemy of faith! What a journey we are on though friend! Keep leaping! So glad we are in this all together!

Positively Alene said...

WOW - way to risk!!! You will be such a blessing to her, as she will be to you. Congrats!!!

Mary Jo said...

Awesome! Way to risk it - that's so cool (the virtual asst. job)!

Cheering you on! x

Amy Sullivan said...

I can talk and talk and talk to almost anyone, AND I don't mind talking in front of a group, but there is something about acting that I find terrifying. Maybe because I've never been a good pretender.

Thankful to get to know you a bit better through this.

Unknown said...

Wow -- I never knew you were an actress. So excited for you!!! Way to go and take that risk!

Susan Nowell @ My Place to Yours said...

Christy, I admire that you made the choice to "risk" even when it's uncomfortable. It's a great lesson for your children. Congratulations on your new Virtual Assistant job! (BTW, I'm sending you an email.)

Sharita Knobloch said...

Pumped to get uncomfortable and risky with you, Christy! (Oh. That sounds awkward. My apologies.)

Praying for all of us on this #riskrejection journey :-)

PinkStripeySocks said...

Acting and being a virtual assistant? High five, girl for being brave and doing new things. That's what being a risk taker is all about, right?

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