Friday, January 18, 2013

Cherished Lady

My Five Minute Friday on: Cherished

Tomorrow is my Mommom's 90th birthday. We have been quietly scanning and creating something very special for her.

A photo book, celebrating her life.

It's been fun looking back — to days when hair was dark and wrinkles were few. A glimpse back in time when things seemed simpler.

Do you see that little girl with long hair and glasses, arm slung up over and around? There are more pictures just like it. Snuggled in, holding on.

I have always cherished her.

It sounds cliche', but she has always been there. I know I am loved and accepted when I'm around her.

And she has always been so full of life. Very active and outgoing. And fun to be around. My kids have discovered it — her joie de vivre — joy of living. It's contagious and beautiful to be around.

The years are taking their toll and I have been preparing. Stashing away the memories. Storing them up like a squirrel with his acorns.

Cherishing every opportunity to love on her. Happy birthday, Mommom!

Even though I wrote about her recently, when I saw the prompt I felt compelled to share more. Thank you for your grace.

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Jhona O. said...

What a special, special relationship you have! I know the time is ticking away and I need to visit my Grammy sooner rather than later. I liked the imagery you used for tucking memories away. You are both so blessed to have each other! I am sure she is going to LOVE her special surprise!

Jacqui said...

I love that you shared a picture of the two of you years ago and then a more recent pic. What a blessing to have someone you love, constant throughout the years! May her 90th birthday be a joyous celebration for you all! Blessings!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jhona! I am blessed to have this special relationship with her. I hope you will go visit your Grammy! I think she'd love to see you!

Jacqui: Thank you! You are so right, the best thing is not only her love, but the constancy of it through the years. I am very blessed!

~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

Love this!!! I too love the older photo from younger years and the more current one as well! What a blessing to have such a constant sure love! My own daughter has quite literally grown up living next door to my Mother - her 'Grandmama' - and my prayer is that she too will cherish the security and memories of being so consistently loved on and poured into!

dayebydaye said...

I don't think it is possible to share too much about someone that you cherish! It is a gift and needs to be celebrated.
Thank you for doing it so beautifully!!!

HeARTworks said...

I know what you mean about preparing. My parents are old now and I am conscious of how fast time flies. I get teary eyed just thinking of what ifs. My family is very close. I see my mom almost every day cause we go to church together every morning. Will I be able to go to church without crying when my mother goes to heaven before me? Patsy

Rebecca Evans said...

Beautiful! I agree with dayebydaye! This was a beautiful post!

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