Friday, February 22, 2013

My Mom, My Net (a Five Minute Friday)

A Five Minute Friday on: what my Mom did that made her mine

I did it once — jumped off a 20 foot high platform without a net. I was tethered, mind you, to a rope secured around a waist harness, but all I could see beyond my toes as they dangled over the edge was forest floor.

There was something unsettling about risking that way. Putting yourself out there without the visible assurance you would be caught by something if the rope didn't do its job.

I grew up with a loving and supportive net.

My net gave me security, so I was rarely unwilling to try things.

I knew if it didn't work out well or if I completely stunk at whatever it was I tried that it would be okay — my net would be there to catch me.

In fact, that may well be one of the greatest gifts my Mom ever gave me. My Mom, my net.

She was always there. She encouraged and supported and — caught me, when necessary.

With that safety I tried out for sports, I played a musical instrument in the band, I sang solos in the choir, I tried out for leading roles in theater productions, I ran for student council, I volunteered to feed the homeless…

This introvert took risks I could never have imagined taking if it wasn't for her constant reassurance. Or maybe it was her example as I watched her put her own self out there. Either way, I am so thankful to my Mom for that.

My mother's heartening confidence in me and her loyal support are traits I desire to pour into my own children's lives. So when they look over the edge, they see me there — and decide to jump.

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Jenny said...

I loved this! It's my heart's desire to be a net for my kids too. What a gift your mother gave to you. I'm sure you'll do the same for your kids. Loved reading your heart this morning!

Rachael said...

That is the kind of mom I want to be. I wish I had that safety as a child. Beautiful post. It inspires me to be more intentional with my kids in this area!

Unknown said...

Jenny and Rachael: Thank you for visiting today! We can not underestimate the power our presence and our encouragement can be to our children. For me it wasn't always words spoken, it was just her being there — cheering me at a game, going out of her way, her caring about whatever it was I was interested in.

Thanks for your encouragements!

Joy said...

Great post! Aren't good mom's totally awesome?! Great that your mom was such a good support system/net for you.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Joy! I do feel blessed to have had that support!

~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

I love this! I love that because of the net you found courage to get out of your comfort zone! Amazing what encouragement and support can do!

Unknown said...

GREAT example to follow! I love looking at it this way. My parents were my net too. I took risks because I knew I wouldn't fall too far.

I am commenting for the first time, I really love your blog "voice", so I am nominating you for a Liebster award. :) Come and visit me over at to read more about it! (in a little while... post isn't quite up yet)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Karrilee! I hope my kids will have that confidence and courage, too.

Alissa: It didn't matter if I was the best at the thing I tried, either. They never discouraged me from doing the things I liked doing. Appreciate your kind words! And for that nomination!

Unknown said...

PS The post is up now!! You know you want to answer those questions!!

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