Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Best Love (a poem)

I know a love from my family, loyal.
Like the puffy white seeds of a mature dandelion,
we are planted where the wind takes us.
But our common roots connect us.
Near or far, often or few —
the best love is ever protected and present.

And I know a love that rolls,
not in calm ripples like the glassy lake,
but ebbing and chopping like the sea.
It pulls in and it pushes away —
this tug of war between me and him.

The smooth lake, wrapped in calm, may appeal —
but easy is rarely worthy.
I'd rather the sea, with its bumpy currents,
challenge and stir.
The best love the fruit of persevering together.

I know a love from my Father, constant.
He sees my ragged and tattered heart
and wants me anyway.
Smoother of my rough edges,
His the perfect, best love
on which I can steadily rely.

In all of its complexities,
the best love is diversely displayed.
It's my faithful companion in the storm;
my compass as I climb the steep mountains;
a voice of truth when I hear only lies;
And grace when I'm not at my best.

I know a love that flows from my own heart.
To put other's first.
To accept the unacceptable
and forgive the unforgivable.
And a desire to be more then a receiver —
but a free giver of the best love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Linking today with… Serving Joyfully and Imperfect Prose.


Gay Idle said...

Beautifull expressed! Yes. You are a poet!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Gay! I appreciate you and your encouragement!

Mommy Emily said...

hi christy, i'm so glad you linked up with imperfect prose, friend! this is a tender, thoughtful reflection on love and Christ. i so appreciate your heart. bless you! e.

Courtney said...

You had me thinking about the "best love" all weekend - what a gift. And yes, you are a poet!

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