Sunday, April 18, 2010

DAY FIVE - my last update

So we have about made it through the 5th day after Ellie's tonsil & adenoid surgery. And we have most definitely turned a corner. She is nearly back to her old self. Her voice is almost the only thing that tells you something is different. She's feeling better, talking more, the swelling has gone almost completely down (in her face, anyway), and she is just taking Motrin, as needed.

Thank you as you have "put up" with my daily updates. It was as helpful to me as anyone. And perhaps one day someone looking for a "real" look at what a tonsilectomy recovery looks like for a five year old will come across my blog and it will be helpful to them.

As all difficulties do, I have learned some things along the way. And I'll conclude by letting you in on some of them.
1. Tylenol with Codeine & Amoxicillan are NOT a good partner on an empty stomach.
2. Ice chips are your best friend!
3. No matter how independent your child is, there is still NOTHING like your Mama when you aren't feeling well.
4. Even the "best of us" can become the "worst of us" in times of stress.
5. Don't be afraid to ask for help!
6. Never underestimate the power of "The Tonsil Fairy"! :)
7. Kids are amazingly resilient and although it was very difficult the first 3 days, it doesn't take long for them to bounce back.
8. You CAN get tired of watching movies & sitting on the couch. (I'll have to remember that on those lazy days when you just wish you could.)
9. Knowing friends & family are praying for your child gives you great comfort.
10. Who doesn't love a surgery where you MUST eat water ice and popsicles as part of your recovery!?!?

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