Thursday, April 15, 2010

DAY TWO - recovery

So yesterday was the calm before the storm (as I suspected). Although she slept well, we had to wake her twice for her pain medicine. Getting her to swallow it was no easy task. It's pressing all of my Mommy buttons. Feeling so sorry that she is in so much pain, but not regreting a minute of having it done. Definitely like life...sometimes we have to do the hard things, knowing it will get better. We just keep moving forward, taking it moment by moment. I know this 24 hours will probably be the hardest. She is still very swollen and I'm sure that doesn't help anything. She wants so desperatly to eat food, but she struggles to convince herself to swallow anything. We are atleast getting water, ice chips, jello, and popsicles down...little nibbles at a time.

This morning I tried giving the medicine to her an hour early. The bottle says every 6 hours, but we were finding by the 6th hour it was very difficult. I think giving it earlier helped because after noon I started seeing a vast improvement. Maybe it was a visit from her cousin or maybe it was a combination of both.

We ended the day well. She requested scrambled eggs for dinner (WOW!) and ate them like it was her last meal. Topped it off with some Rita's water ice! It was so great to see her able to eat. Night is now upon us and we have to wake her up soon for another dose of pain meds. Guess we'll continue taking it a moment at a time.

Very thankful for all the love and support people are showering on her!

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