Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here We Go Again (Ellie's tonsils)

This is an addendum to my tonsilectomy updates. Apparently, as part of the healing process, a scab forms on the back of the throat and at some point, between the 7th-10th day, the scab comes off. Well, the scab in the back of Ellie's throat started coming off on the 7th day and although at first we went from no pain to having some pain, it quickly turned to excruciating.

Difficult to go from feeling almost normal to being in excruciating pain again. It's definitely part of the healing process so there is no worry there. I'm just feeling frustrated because my five year old cannot articulate her level of pain. And then it became obvious that it was time to go back on the Tylenol with codeine. So we are back to her upset about it hurting, having trouble eating normally, and fighting over taking the medicine (a battle I thought we were done with). I have no idea how long the pain will last. I guess it's like any scab, when it comes off the skin underneath is tender and sore, but eventually it feels better.

Ellie's follow-up appointment with the surgeon is next week (2 wks after the surgery). I have a lot to share with him. The least of which is whether she is healing alright. I have felt very alone in this and ill-prepared for what to expect. Maybe if I knew what to expect we wouldn't have gone through with it? Well, we still would have gone through with it. I know it was the best choice for her. I just feel like I needed more information then the generic post-op paper they give you before the surgery.

I know the end is near. Thankfully, this is temporary. But now I have a new appreciation for parents who have to walk with their child through a long-term illness or disability. I am amazed and awestruck by their strength. And I am thankful that overall my children are healthy and soon this will be a thing of the past. Not everyone gets to say that.

Please, Lord, be with those parents nursing, advocating, loving, and supporting a child with a long-term illness or disability. Give them strength to make the right choices for their children. Help them to persevere when their children are sick and suffering. Give them rest from the stresses of being parent and nurse to their child. Bring loving friends into their life to share the burdens with them. But most of all, God, be present in every moment, that your will be done, and let all the glory & praise be given to You. Amen.

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