Saturday, April 17, 2010

DAY FOUR - recovery

Thankful that Day Four of Ellie's recovery from her tonsil & adenoid surgery was so much better than Day Three. Whether she has turned a corner or not, the dawning of a new day seems to have helped more than just our attitudes. And although today is Saturday, Adam is working and my Mom is watching Caleb, so not too much has changed in terms of care.

We slept past our early morning dose of Tylenol with codeine, so she didn't take it until the 6 1/2 hour mark AND she wasn't in a tremendous amount of pain. So closer to lunchtime I extended the time again, giving it to her again around 6 or so hours. So it seems like the pain has lessened and the swelling continues to go down some. I am so thanful for this reprieve (God doesn't give you more than you can bear). She had a poached egg this morning and some black bean soup (run thru the food processor) for lunch. She's definitely having a good day!

Around dinnertime she was in pain, enough to take the medicine and wait until it felt better. But overall, it was nothing like the past 3 days. A kind family from church dropped off a meal for us...tortellini, salad, and bread. Great sign when all four of us can eat the same meal together.

Decided to let her sleep with me one last night. After going back and forth about when to stop giving her the Tylenol with codeine, we decided to give her Motrin at midnight and see if she could make it through the night. Wound up being a good choice as she did not wake up until about 7:30am and not in very much pain. That confirmed that as Day Four winds down, changing over to the Motrin was the best idea.

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