Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Betrayal - Tamar's Redemption Tuesday

I continue with Part 3 of my story in this guest post on Tamar's Redemption. The effects of sexual abuse are pervasive. Maybe something I write will strike a chord with you, reminding you of your own quiet pain. Maybe you will glean a new understanding of the struggles your sexually abused loved one has experienced. I'm sharing to give you hope. So you can see not just how we hurt, but also how we heal.

Tamar's Redemption Tuesdays
How We Hurt, How We Heal

I was just a kid. I had no reason not to trust him, but this left me vulnerable. He had relied on my innocence, my ignorance, and my trust. I obeyed his instructions because that is what I had always done, what I felt was expected of me. I was unaware of appropriate body boundaries. Not at that age, not back then. My abuser had certainly crossed the line.

This betrayal changed me.

After awhile I stopped trusting adult men. I didn’t know I was doing that at the time, of course. This change was deep inside of me, mixed into the undercurrent of how my young mind had interpreted the yucky things that happened to me. Confusion birthed lies, which took root under my surface.

Inside, my world was a swirling mess.

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Mandy said...

Christy, I'm glad you're writing about this. I am doing a blog series about overcoming living a life of overwhelming fear, anxiety, discouragement and worthlessness. My next post is going to be about boundaries and sexual abuse. I have been putting it off and fretting about it. Your words give me a little more courage to press on. With all the shame, hiding, and secrecy, it helps to share with people in the open like you've done here. (http://mandymianecki.com)

Unknown said...

Mandy: Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment! Every time I put hard stuff out there I know it's for someone. I'm excited to hear we have a common writing "interest". And I look forward to reading your future posts on the topic!


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