Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hackjacked: A post by a not so eloquent Hubby:

Hackjacked: A post by a not so eloquent Hubby:

      Blogging has blossomed Christy, into the truth seeker and speaker I call my wife.  

There’s an aspect of living life that goes unheard, those thoughts we have but don’t say and those moments we wish never happened. But there are blessings to offset them. Christy is my blessing to having “A Heartening Life.
I would have to say that blogging has been God’s way to help us heal.  For a time in her life, I'm not sure Christy had the words to "speak".  It was as if someone had “stolen her voice”.  She grew up, became an adult and by His perfect plan she sought Christ’s desire for her life.  He answered by renewing “her voice”.   
I was gifted with the opportunity to watch and live this journey with her.  To see her new voice amplified all to the online community amazing. 
I think of not just how she is able to use her voice, but how she is able to be encouraged and give encouragement to others she hardly knows.  My wife is now part of something that seems unending. She is a mama, wife, and lover of Jesus.

Christy is a blogger! and I am proud to be her hardworking carpenter hubby. 

This isn't the first time Adam has hijacked this blog…

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Unknown said...

Thankful to my hubby for taking a moment to write while I was out for the evening. Quite a nice surprise! And thankful for all of the love and support he gives to this "hobby". It's so nice that he can see its fruit, even if it means some dishes are left in the sink or the laundry is still in the basket sometimes needing to be folded. I love you!

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