Friday, October 5, 2012

Really Glad You're Here

My Five Minute Friday on: Welcome

You. Are. Welcome.

I say these words over in my mind. They make me feel warm and fuzzy and accepted.

I can be who I am here. I can say what I think. I can make myself comfortable. I can speak or be quiet. Someone is glad that I'm here. Thankful that I showed up.

I don't have to worry about what others will think. Free of judgement.

When we say, "You are welcome," is this what we mean?

Or is it just something we say — like asking, "How are you?" — Do we REALLY want to know?

You ARE welcome! Stains on your shirt, slippers on your feet, oatmeal crusties in your hair, dried toothpaste stuck to your chin, toddler screaming, patience fleeting, worries consuming, mistakes and all, however you are.

You are just right. And we're really glad that you're here!


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Marissa Writes said...

So true that many people say the words and never feel it in their hearts, what a difference that feeling makes.

So glad you were part of FMF today!


Missy said...

This was a beautiful reminder that sometimes folks are hanging on to that "You're Welcome" for all it might be worth. I really enjoyed this post. Stopping by from 5 Minute Friday!

Anonymous said...

I like it :). I think its so important to mean what you say, and say what you be genuine. Nice post!

Unknown said...

Thank you all for stopping by!

Audra Silva said...

I had an opportunity to go somewhere last night where I didn't feel entirely welcome. It makes me want to try all the harder to make others feel so. I enjoyed your post. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Audra! For any of us who have not felt welcome, I hope it encourages us to try extra hard to welcome others.

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