Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Lies Ahead

I hear the click-clicking of my stove as it simmers the earthy lentil soup. I sprinkled some Momma love in there so they might think of me as they eat it tomorrow.

It's the eve of attending my first blogger writer's conference and I'm asking that butterfly in the belly introverted question, why did I say I would go to this thing?

Back when the blossoms were just about to explode in their spring glory, I pushed the "purchase ticket" button on the Allume website. With my friend's reassuring voice on the other end of the telephone line, she was convinced we would have a great time and a positive experience. It's sort of a blur to me now. What made me decide to actually do it?

A conference full of Christian women, with a common interest in blog writing. Some names I knew, Ann Voskamp, Mary DeMuth, Lisa-Jo. They have become a familiar sight on my "follow" list. I visit their journals, their encouragements, their well-put prose and it feels like I know them.

Three years ago, when I first started this blog, it was out of curiosity. I had no idea I would ever stick with it or what it would become.

Like a winter cold, I caught "blogging" — or maybe it caught me?

Writing fills me and challenges. Deeply I think and examine myself and others in front of the backdrop of this world.

God reminds me where I have been when I write. And He encourages me and gives me hope about my future.

So I know that God wants me to write. And when I'm unsure, He nudges and whispers the words and I try desperately to stay out of His way.

Attending the Allume conference feels intimidating. But as I stir my bubbling soup, feet firmly planted in my stay-at-home Mom life (with both kids in school full-time), I wonder what God has in store for me there? And what this conference will teach me?

And when that question nags again, "Why did I say I would go to this thing?", I can be ever confident that just showing up will be a blessing and I am anxious to see what lies ahead.


Lisa said...

Sweet post Christy. I love that you allude to my senses with your bubbling soup!!! I will be attending Allume too! My second time attending but still VERY much a novice blogger...Looking forward to meeting you!


Unknown said...

Hey, Lisa! Thanks for visiting and commenting! I hope we get to connect at the conference!


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