Sunday, October 20, 2013

Be Encouraged: 31 Days of Intentional Living

"Think of the self that God has given as an acorn.
It is a marvelous little thing, a perfect shape, perfectly designed for its purpose, perfectly functional.

Think of the grand glory of an oak tree. God's intention when He made the acorn was the oak tree.
His intention for us is '…the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.'
Many deaths must go into our reaching that measure, many letting-goes.
When you look at the oak tree, you don't feel that the loss of the acorn is a very great loss.
The more you perceive God's purpose in your life, the less terrible the losses seem."

Elisabeth Elliot

May God's intention for you, although very much a mystery, be an encouragement to persevere, walk in faith, and live with hope.

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Kasey said...

I've never read this before, but I think this quote is fabulous and insightful! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

I really loved this quote!!! Thank you so, so much for sharing it here. :)

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