Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do the Opposite: 31 Days of Intentional Living

Photography by Christy Mae
When I was a kid I used to play a silly game called, "Opposite Day." There was no real point to it other than fun. I'd mess with my brother or friends saying things that sounded mean, but followed up with "It's opposite day!" That made it okay. Anyone else remember doing this? (Okay, maybe it was just me.)

There's something interesting about opposites. Opposing positions.

I tend to stick with what I'm used to, what feels safe and comfortable to me. So every day I sit in my rut and respond out of my default. It's so routine I hardly have to think about it.

But ever since I started building my fence (aka, creating boundaries) I have had to be more intentional about how I live — which often means doing the very opposite of how I feel at that moment.

It's not science. I can't say that the opposite is always the best choice. Sometimes you need to do what feels right. But in general, not following my usual pattern can be very enlightening. Sort of like a reset or a reminder to be more aware.

Doing the opposite is a choice you consciously make.

If you always say yes, try saying no.

If you usually respond right away, try waiting 24 hours.

If you would normally gravitate to the same friends at church or the soccer field, try talking to someone new.

If you tend to talk a lot, listen instead.

If you avoid, engage.

Part of intentional living might mean doing the opposite of your natural bent. It will likely feel strange, even awkward, but it's good to live outside of our comfort zones sometimes.

Give it a try! Make today "opposite day."

Photography by Christy Mae

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