31 Days: Intentional Living 2013

Hi, I'm Christy and I will be joining (for the first time) a community of bloggers for a 31 day writing series, hosted by the Nester.

How often do you stop and smell the roses? Felt the sand between your toes? When was the last time you did something to love yourself? Sought beauty in simple things?

For the month of October, I will be writing every day on a topic of my own choosing, 31 days of Intentional Living (under the Nester category: Inspirational & Faith).

Each day in October I will add the newest post. So begin with Day 1 or browse through the other posts as they come. Thanks for reading!

Day  1: Our Choices Matter

Day  2: Facing Fears

Day  3: Seeing Provision

Day  4: Slowing Down

Day  5: Writing (fmf)

Day  6: Capturing Memories

Day  7: Noticing Beauty

Day  8: Live Your Passion

Day  9: Learning How to Jump

Day 10: I Am Responsible

Day 11: Do the Opposite

Day 12: Embracing Ordinary (fmf)

Day 13: Taking Good Pictures (of your kids)

Day 14: Seek Inspiration

Day 15: Acknowledge Your Story

Day 16: Cherish Moments

Day 17: Make Time For Love

Day 18: Defined By the Present

Day 19: The Cycle of Laundry (fmf)

Day 20: Preserving Photo Memories (what to do with all your pictures)

Day 21: Be Encouraged (by an oak tree & an acorn)

Day 22: Make Connecting a Priority (in your marriage)

Day 23: Ditch the Rules

Day 24: Stop Waiting

Day 25: Together (fmf)

Day 26: Capturing Moments on the Go (taking good pictures with your phone)

Day 27: Enjoy Creativity

Day 28: Wrestle With Doubt

Day 29: Stop Practicing Your Mistakes

Day 30: Grieve Your Losses

Day 31: Turning Intention Into Action


Joy said...

Welcome, Christy! I wrote 31 Days of Intentional Living my first year too (2011). I can wait to read what you have to say on this topic :)

~Karrilee~ from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace said...

Welcome to 31 Days! This is awesome! I can't wait to see what you share! (The only down side of participating is that you have limited time to read everything!)

Glad you are joining in this year!

Positively Alene said...

Glad to meet you through 31 days. Looking forward to our journey ahead. Hang on . . here we go!

Unknown said...

Thank you all for joining me on this journey!


Unknown said...

When I saw your topic, I couldn't wait to come read. Love this post! Can't wait to read more!!!

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