Saturday, October 4, 2014

Creative Healing (31 days of Healing in Him)

Five months ago I had an unexpected opportunity to attend a women's retreat hosted by Kris Camealy. Though I experienced many beautiful God-moments in the breezy Ohio countryside, perhaps the most tangible gift I brought home with me was a reawakening, of sorts, to creativity.

Sitting in a conference room overlooking a glistening lake I learned about art journaling and the sweetness of this form of creative worship.

Something quite powerful and introspective happened as I stared at the blank page of my art journal, wondering if I had the courage to put paint on paper.

The beauty of the moment wasn't just that I had no art experience. It wasn't that I was filled with inspiration or did it perfectly.

It was what happened inside my heart as I leaned in to hear what God was whispering into my heart.

This creating has become an outlet to explore art, express thoughts, remind myself of truths. But I have also found it to be a process to heal brokenness.

Repeated woundings have a way of stealing things from you. The hurts blind you and convince you there is something wrong in you.

Abuse, in particular, takes away your voice. Makes you question yourself and your value to God and others.

Artistic expression is one way to find your voice again. Creating is something unique and special to you. Expressing yourself in this way, to get thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto a page is so very freeing.

So I'm challenging you, as a healing act, to try your hand at some form of expression. Paint a word, write a verse, draw something you like — create something that speaks to you.

Saturdays in October I will be sharing more about art journaling and it's healing possibilities. And I hope you'll join me.

Has art been a healing experience for you? (Please, share in the comments.)

This is a post in my 31 days of Healing in Him series. You can find all the posts in this series here, updated each day in October. Category: Inspirational & Faith #write31Days


BARBIE said...

I love this. Absolutely love it. I have tried art journaling before, but always go back to splashing paint on canvass. I know that when I connect with God in that way I feel closer to Him and more whole.

Debbie said...

LOVE the verse you picked because it has meant so much in my life... Here is a post I wrote on it.

Laura said...

You did some beautiful art journaling at that retreat too! This is a beautiful word of encouragement, my sister. There is something so freeing about putting the hand to a work of art. We are made in God's image and he is Creator, after all. Looking forward to reading more of your posts on this.

jviola79 said...

Absolutely beautiful & I so needed the Scripture reminder! Grateful Laura Boggess shared this post on FB!

Unknown said...

You are all such a blessing! I appreciate your words of encouragement!


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