Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Valley: 31 Days of Healing in Him (a song)

Today I'm sharing a song by Ellie Holcomb called The Valley.

Maybe the lyrics will remind you of those dark times when you didn't know where to turn. Maybe it was in that darkness that God found you. Use it as a prayer or a reminder of the hard times that you have made it through. Let it be a confirmation that others understand and have cried out to God in this way, too.

So come and find me
In the darkest night of my soul
In the shadow of the valley
I am dying for you to make me whole
For you to make me whole

~Ellie Holcomb, The Valley

This is a post from my 31 days of Healing in Him series. You can find all the posts in this series here, updated each day in October. Category: Inspirational & Faith #write31Days

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