Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Things That Get In The Way (31 Days of Healing in Him)

When I was a teenager, I loved to pour over maps and guidebooks, plotting my family's next summer adventure. I would plan the route, the places of interest, and each campground we would stay at each night. It was the itinerary that got me excited — the anticipation knowing what each day would potentially hold.

There was security in "the plan." I've never really been a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of girl.

I didn't know then that my tendency for needing a plan would become the cause of much disappointment. Because life doesn't do what it's told. It doesn't conform to my agenda.

My whole life I compensated, set goals, and tried to accomplish, all the while I was quietly stuffing away the things that didn't fit. As author Brene' Brown writes, these are the "things that get in the way" and I hid them because I didn't know how to deal with them.

I was 24 when I made an appointment with my first counselor. Over ten years later, counseling is still a huge part of my life.

There was a time when I thought healing was a goal that could be reached. That one day, with enough work, it would be done. I would somehow arrive.

If the last ten years have taught me anything it's that you will never "arrive." Though I don't want you to read that and lose hope. Because the arrival will come — when we meet God and our Healer, Redeemer, Great Physician's hands are wrapped around us.

But until that day, and I know it might sound cliche', healing is a process — of unfolding, learning, breaking, healing, surrendering. 

Please join me in this 31 day series called Healing in Him as I share thoughts, insights, and parts of my journey of healing.

This is the first post in a series, called 31 days of Healing in Him. You can find all the posts in this series here, updated each day in October. Category: Inspirational & Faith #write31Days

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Thanks, Andrea, for visiting! Best wishes as you write about your healing journey this month.


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